Zoya is a multilingual health and wellness app that gives young girls
access to critical healthcare information on their cellphones.
Designed in partnership with the Spring Accelerator, the app aims to reduce female mortality rates in developing countries by:
1. de-stigmatising female healthcare
2. fighting cultural taboos with fact based information
3. connecting girls to health experts through the privacy of their homes.

It was piloted in 2019 in Pakistan and is available in 5 regional languages. 


  • Newsfeed: Audio, Video and Written articles on everything from period shaming to mental health
  • Ask an Expert: Live chat with a health professional
  • Symptoms Checker: An interactive symptoms checker that informs users on probable causes for an ailment, prevention, diagnosis and when to see a doctor.
  • Period Tracker: Tracks monthly cycles alerting user about upcoming period.
  • Finder: Directory of nearby hospitals, clinics, doctors, diagnostic centres and pharmacies
  • Home Remedies: Easy diet and kitchen fixes for common concerns.